Felix Kling

Plain GnuPG (GPG) with MailMate

To use OpenPGP encryption, MailMate officially expects MacGPG/gpgtools to be installed.

It’s possible to make MailMate with gnupg though, we just have to link gnupg to the location MailMate expects to find the executable. We also have to provide a non-cli way for MailMate to request the user’s password:

$ brew install gnupg pinentry-mac
$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/MacGPG2/bin/
$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/gpg /usr/local/MacGPG2/bin/gpg2

Then edit ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf to include:

pinentry-program /usr/local/bin/pinentry-mac

Reference: https://www.mail-archive.com/[email protected]/msg04851.html